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China's Orwellian Social Credit Score System and a Ytube Alternative that Promotes Conservative Viewpoints Without Google Censorship - Brighteon.Com

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Many conservative posters that go against the political left bias of the giant social media companies Google, Twitter and Facebook have had their Ytube Channels and accounts taken down. There is no doubt that these giant social media companies promote the globalists ideology and ban any posters that don’t fall in line with their ideology. This is another elitist move to take free speech off their networks as they now decide what is good for you to watch and read. Google is now working for Communist China on a project called “ Dragonfly” to provide a search engine that filters seach results to comply with Chinese censorship laws. China is also developing a Social Credit Score system that is to be ready by 2020 and their people will either enjoy their Orwellian enslavement or suffer whatever consequences that come with a low social credit score. Wouldn’t the Globalist's love to roll that out worldwide?

Another freedom loving American, Mike Adams, provided an alternative to Ytube called “ Real Video” that has had tremendous success and has recently changed their name to Brighteon.Com. Listen to Mike as he outlines the reason for the name change and the future of Brighteon.Com.


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