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The Elite Pedophile Network of the Deep State

Sunday, September 24, 2017

In past posts it was mentioned that the deep state uses pedophilia as a tactic to bribe and extort individuals that hold the reigns of political, judicial, and other important positions of power. The public’s first recent introduction to this problem came out in the 2016 U.S. election campaign when John Podesta, Clinton campaign manager, was allegedly involved in the Pizza-gate incident. This was about members of the DNC being involved in a child sex ring and has since been considered conspiracy theory.

Over the last two years thousands of people in the U.S and Europe have been arrest for child trafficking but you will never see any mention of it in the Zionist run Main Stream Media. Child trafficking is big business for the elites and the profits are beginning to exceed the global drug trade at 100 billion a year. Approximately 25 million children are being abused, tortured, prostituted, sacrificed in satanic rituals, killed and sold for body parts. They are often kept in cages and at times hunted like animals for sport. 

Dr. Phil had one female victim (Kendall) on his show who was crying out for help to escape her captures. You can watch parts of her testimony below. Other videos on Ytube will give you the rest of her story.

Society, as a whole, has a hard time accepting that evil of this extreme exists, but the truth is, it does. People have to wake up to the fact that innocent children are being bread and captured for heinous exploitation by the elite. If society as a whole becomes disconnected to this tragic behaviour, it will continue to escalate. Fortunately, there are those who have become aware of this scourge on society and are fighting back. One of America’s best has begun a campaign to combate this plague that has engulfed the world. A new documentary series will be coming out shortly to shine the light on these perpetrators of evil. The person leading this endeavour is “Sawman Craig Sawyer”  an X- Navy Seal. You can find him at Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR). You are encouraged to donate to this site to help rid society of this evil.

This interview with Dr. Dave Janda and Craig Sawman Saywer will disclose the problem of pedophilia and child trafficking and how high it goes into the upper echelons of government, law enforcement, Hollywood, childcare and the lost children of war.

It is important to know that many public figures in high positions lead dual roles and are involved of have been compomised by child trafficking and pedophilia. Now is the time to shine your light on this crime by making this problem known to your circle of influence. The Deep State does not have your best interest at heart and they will use anything at their disposal to compomise our leaders to fulfill their agenda for a New World Order that they will control. It’s all about control. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem - your choice.


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