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The Global Conspiracy (Part II The Migration of Baal Worship to Modern Times)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Part I established the Baal Worship was a part of the religious rituals performed by the Jews(Hebrews) at different times in their evolution. From the biblical record, Jews (Hebrews) were a people that were chosen by God to reveal himself to the not only the Jews but rest of the world. Because of their false worship, God allowed them to be conquered by the Chaldeans in 586 BC. During that exile the prominent Jews were taken to the city of Babylon under Nebuchnezzar while the rest remained in Judah. Under Cyrus The Great, they were allowed to return to their homeland and rebuild the temple in 538 BC althought most of them remained in Babylon. In 722 BC they were totally conquered by the Assyrians and were scattered to different parts middle east. 

The initial diaspora cause the Israelites to reside in Babylon, Palistine and Egypt. The final diaspora occured in 70 AD when the Romans distroyed the Jewish temple and the city of Jerusalem and the remaining Israelites were driven out of Palestine. Jesus predicted this before he was crucified. As they settled in their new homelands they kept most of their religious beliefs in Yaweh and incorporated other religious beliefs of the counties they inhabited. For this discussion we will focus on the Israelite that remained in Bablyon and took on many of the beliefs of the Chaldeans, their astrology, black magic, Baal worship, etc.

Their was a country called Khazaria that was located between the Black and Caspian seas, It Included what is now Russain controlled Crimea. During the recent Ukrainian coup by the U.S. and it allies, the people of Crimea voted to join Russia by a very peaceful and democratic vote. The U.S. and it allies, still blame Russia for taking Crimea by force. The propaganda by the western main stream media (MSM)  puts the blame on Vladamir Putin and as we will see later they have good reason to push this lie as part of their desire to take over the world and establish their New World Order.

The king and oligarchy of Khazaria were know for their treachery, robbery and impersonating others. Vetrans Today author James Preston PhD. has published several articles on the Kararian Mafia and its origins which you can read here and here or go to the website and read them here.

James Preston has done considerable research on this topic and if you read all of his posts you will have a good idea who is behind the “ Deep State" being presented in the MSM. These articles are important to read and understand because they outline how Baal Worship and Luciferian systems are ingrained at the highest levels of society and incorporate, child sacrifice, blood drinking, pedafillia and a host of other evils that have corrupted our governments and society as a whole. These practices have been used to entrap leaders in government, judges, intelligence agencies, lobbyists, etc.

What is important to note is that these practices have been going on for generations by the powers behind the curtain and have been kept relatively hidden until now. These nefarious, behind the scene rulers of darkness are getting close to their desired goal of a One World Government. They have most of the wealth of the world and control the global money system, the media, and through decietful coersion the U.S. and European military (NATO). When you finally put the pieces together you will understand why things you hear on main stream news are nothing more than mind control propaganda to keep the masses believing all is well and under control and we are heading into a new dawn of enlightenment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satanic Baal worship and it entrapments are alive and well.


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