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The Deep State

Saturday, April 1, 2017

There is much talk in the Main Stream Media (MSM) today of the Deep State or the Shadow Government. The Deep State is considered a conspiracy theory according to Wikipedia, but in reality, encompasses and controls most of the western world. Its goal is to encompass the whole world envisioned in their New World Order of global dominance and a one world government.

The entirety of who makes up the Deep State is not exactly known and they have gone to great lengths to remain hidden for 200 or more years. It is the deep states that foments wars, financial crisis, covert government takeover, coups, assassinations and all sorts of nefarious activity that plagues mankind and robs it of its wealth and peace. The Deep State terminology is a rather new term that has come to light by use in the MSM (Main Stream Media).

Today, the deep state according to Robert David Steel is made up of about 40 billionaires that icludes the Rothchilds at the top who control the Central Banks. Included is the Vatican, the big banks, the intelligent communities who spy on politicians, judges, and other note worthy people who they bribe, extort, and influence to forward their adgenda. Most of the western MSM is another arm of the Deep State. This is not just US centric, but is spread throughout the world. It has been noted that the three powers of global influence are the City of London, the Vatican, and Washington D.C. These three power centers are not part of a state or city where they locate. They all have their own police force and no local government has any jurisdition there. 

The US military and their 1000 or so bases located throughout the world are used, to launder money, ship drugs, traffic humans, foment war, and carry out the orders of the deep state establishment. Through the US government the deep state has used the US military and N.A.T.O. to enforce and promote their adgenda under the guise of creating and protecting democracy. Not a democracy of and for the people, but a facist quasi democracy covertly controlled and ruled by the deep state intelligence, mulitnational corporations, their leaders and political appointees. Watch this interview of Robert David Steele to get an idea of what has been going on and his solution.

The Nationalist movement that brought Donald Trump to the US Presidency was a poke in the eye to the Deep State Establishment and their NWO agenda. Hopes are high that he will be able to defeat this beast, but that remains to be seen.


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