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Russian Involvement in U.S. Elections

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Russian Involvement in the recent U.S. election looks like a front and centre ploy by the leftist Intelligence Community and MSM to discredit Donald Trumps presidential win. The energy, time, and money being spent on hunting ghosts is unprecedented to the point it is likely an obfuscation of something much bigger. There is currently ongoing investigations by the US Congress, Senate, and the FBI into whether Russia and some of Donald Trumps team where making deals before the election for a favourable outcome for the President and a discrediting of Hillary Clinton and her email server scandal.

What is interesting is that just before the election on Nov. 1 2016, Dr. Steve Pieczenik release a video announcing a coup by Hillary Clinton  to take over the U.S. Government.


The hacking of the Clinton email Server and the emails obtained by Anthony Wiener were later disseminated by Wikileaks to the MSM. Thats when the Russian’s became the culprit for leaking hacked emails to Wikileaks which Julian Assange flat out denied. The truth is likely that people inside the Intelligence Community likely gave the information to Wikileaks as part of the coup to dethrone her.

Also the FBI and the NYPD is investigating is the Lolita Express pedafile situation which involves the Clintons and other high ranking politicians and lobbyist both Republican and Democrats. The world is becoming more aware of the corruption in the political arena of the west. Now the Russians are the boogyman responsible for hacking the elections.

Is this a distraction being used to coverup bigger issues that hide or obfuscate the blackmail and extortion of members of government involve in pedaphilia?

Dr. Steve thanking Donald Trump for running for President and the other patriots for supporting the Republic.


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